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Move Fast, And Never Be Last

FAST stands for Fortitude, Attitude,  Strength, and Temperance. As a qualified Personal Trainer since 2014, I’ve used these principles along with my background in Exercise Science to transform my clients into the healthiest version of themselves, both physically and mentally. Let's Get Moving!

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FAST is based on my belief in the attribution of Fortitude, Attitude, Strength, and Temperance. I understand that we all have a story, and at some point in our lives we’ve all faced adversity to the point we’ve felt broken. Fortitude is the courage and desire to remain resilient and endure all hardships. Attitude is having the humility along with a positive state of mind in order to be able to accept your losses so they can fuel your drive for success. Strength is physical and mental, and it is what separates you from others. It requires you to dig deep in the most unpleasant situations and have faith that all will be well if you remain accountable and patient. Temperance is an understanding that there is period of work and play, in which you much have a fine balance in order to not overexert yourself in one area or the other. It also entails never forgetting where you came from, because one needs a clear understanding of their past in order to create a virtuous future. Overall, the FAST ideology serves to inspire individuals to remain strong, persevere, and stay steadfast to their goals regardless of the obstacles that may arrive along the way. My hope is to inspire you to hold yourself accountable, and let that be your motivation in becoming your best self in fitness and health.

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I'm a huge comic book superhero fan and one day after watching the Creed 2 film and seeing Michael B. Jordan's physique, I told myself I NEED to look like that! So, I went ahead and sought out Alex’s advice and online services.He was very attentive to my goals and capabilities and gave me so much attention that I felt as if he was physically there. 12 months later, with a few ups and downs along the way, I am over 50lbs down and eclipsing my goal of 175lbs. I am the healthiest I've ever been and now have a greater aptitude for health and fitness as a whole. Thank you Oko FAST!

Emeka N.

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